Don’t worry, everyone gets sad sometimes. It can just happen, with no warning or explanation. We feel sad when we lose something or know we’re about to lose something. You may be disappointed or discouraged, or may not know the reason at all. Remember however, sadness is a perfectly normal reaction to frustration, stress or disappointment, and it is not the same as depression. There are lots of ways to cope when sad things happen. Click below to learn more.



Miserable, Upset, Hurt, Down, Unhappy, Invisible, Sad, Sorry, Distressed, Meh, Tired, Thoughtful, Alone, Unwanted, Depressed, Tragic, Pathetic, Empty, Cold, Hopeless, Devastated, Let down, Disappointed, Empty, Invisible, In pain

Here's some activities you could do if you're feeling sad

The thing with sadness is that it can take a long time to disappear. As you think about the things that make you sad, it can sometime make what you’re feeling even more intense. This can lead to other feelings like loneliness, sorrow or helplessness.


You might even cry, which is perfectly OK. However, even though it might not feel like it at first, sadness can be good for you. It acts like an alarm bell, drawing your attention to what’s upsetting you so you can address it.


Happily, sadness also has a way of fading away over time. It’s just a temporary thing you’ll feel as you react to something happening in your life, and eventually it will go away. Learning how to deal with sad feelings can make a big difference.

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