Disgust is the feeling you get when you come across something you don’t want to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste. When it comes to objects, disgust can be good, stopping you from getting sick or being poisoned, but sometimes we get disgusted by people’s behaviour. Maybe it’s something they’ve said or maybe their attitude, but whatever the trigger it’s usually something you’ve learnt to be disgusted about.



Gross, Wretched, Annoyed, Gruesome, Lousy, Sick, Unattractive, Resentful, Lifeless, Bored, Ashamed, Resentful, Guilty, Disappointed, Vile

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Disgust is usually triggered by smell, sight, touch, sound and taste. Examples of disgusting things could be spoilt food, bodily products (like blood, vomit, urine or mucus), dead animals, or toxic substances. Disgusted people have an overpowering urge to reject, expel or remove the thing that’s triggering them, and you can even see this emotion in people’s faces.


Disgusted facial expressions are quite easy to recognise, as people tend to turn their heads away and close up their eyes, nostrils or mouth. Disgust can also be triggered by more abstract ‘things’ like ideas, political beliefs or other attitudes.

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