Joy is an emotion that makes you want more of something. When we feel joy we feel happy, good about the future, playful even, and we delight in things or in people. However, it’s not always a good emotion. Sometimes we feel we have to fake it by bottling up other emotions, and when we chase joy in the wrong way (like trying to feel good all the time) it can actually make us unhappy.



Happy, Pleased, Loved, Ecstatic, Glad, Accepted, Cheerful, Warm, Fuzzy, Free, Light, Chilled, Thankful, Hopeful, Calm, Energised, Buzzing, Chuffed

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We all want to be happy, but it’s very easy to let things get in our way. Just a small portion of happiness depends on a person’s situation but sometimes bad things happen to us all, so things can get tough. Thinking about what’s going well in our lives can help us experience joy more often.


Joy often comes from the little things like hearing someone’s voice or listening to music that sparks good memories. Sometimes joy just happens but sometimes we need to make an effort doing things we enjoy. Remember it’s better for our overall happiness and mood to feel emotions like anger or disgust at appropriate times—and not to fake a smile.

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