Mindfulness can be a very powerful tool. It can help relieve, stress, anxiety, anger and worries.

Mindfulness can help us recognise and respond to the thoughts, without letting them stress us out. Imagine exercising the brain (picture with brain doing weight lifts), this is what Mindfulness can do for us.

Some of the simple ways of adding it into everyday life such as:
· Just slowing down and noticing things we wouldn’t normally- leaves changing colour, the way the sun may glisten on morning dew, or baby lambs learning to walk in fields!
· Mindful movements, such as yoga
· Meditating- even a 3 minute one could help you to feel better
· Mindful colouring or drawing
· Mindfully eating- tasting, smelling and feeling the texture
· Send kind thoughts to others and ourselves
· Making a glitter jar
· Or even just breathing deeply and learning breathing moves to go with it

Here are some of the ways it has helped others;

“I’m 10 years old I came to see Sarah for help because I was hurting myself Sarah helped me by showing me ways to help me when I am feeling angry or upset she gave me a nice jar with sparkles in it and I use it all the time I also like doing the Spiderman move that she showed me and I really liked the massage too”

“Myself and my 10 year old son were referred to early break as my son was having issues with anger and was self-harming for the next 9 weeks my son had a massage with Pauline which he absolutely loved but for me the best part was talking with Sarah as she gave us tools and strategies to help my son with his anger issues and I can honestly say we have only had 1 instance of self-harming since these sessions. We now have things in place to help my son express what he is feeling even when he can’t say the words.
These sessions were a big help to us and I am sure that many more families can be helped by the wonderful people at early break”

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We believe young people deserve a proper say over their own lives. We’re not here to tell you how to do things, but if you need help, we’ll work with you to set goals and targets of your own. To learn more, go to earlybreak.co.uk