Life of a kid in care: Poem

A poem written by a young person who has been in Care:

From home to home I’ve been around always feeling lost never found,
Social worker comes and goes I don’t think she really knows,
I don’t think they notice me,
I’ll go missing for a week or three,
That’s life of a kid in care.
Walking around aimlessly a car pulls up next to me
I recognize straight away I know what will happen for the rest of my day, back to care here I go, back out of care for me tomorrow.
That’s life of a kid in care.
Why did my mum do what she did I don’t know I’m just a kid maybe I’ll go back one day to ask her and see what she’ll say but for now I’m on the road again up to Manchester were I’ll meet Bren.
That’s life of a kid in care.
9.30pm I knock at the big blue door this is my home for a day or two maybe more,
Manchester is a big city I’ve seen it on the news it looks a bit shitty.
That’s life of a kid in care.
I’m a new boy again scared and in shock I need to know who’s the cock,
I need to gain respect and trust,
I know this is a must.
A few weeks on I’ve settled in all my worries are in the bin, the boys in here are not my brothers yet but we’ve all been through things we can’t forget and what it’s like in this place and to always see a different face.
That’s the life of a kid in care
We’ve lived different lives but they seem the same only we know what it’s like to be in this pain
Once upon a time my mum abandoned me but she did me a favor because now I feel free.
I’ve got people here now to support me!
That’s life of a kid in care.


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The Care Leavers Association:
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The Care Leavers Association is a national user led charity aimed at improving the lives of care leavers of all ages. They bring together the voices and experiences of care leavers to support care leavers of all ages, improve the current care system and change for the better society’s perception of people in care.

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